Free Canibal

one messy black heart

Futaki’s shoulders were beaten with an iron bar. he couldn’t move, he was tied to a tree. He stretched out and felt the rope loosen. He looked at his shoulders and saw a long wound; he turned his head, he couldn’t stand seeing it. He was sitting on an excavator, the grab was scooping out some earth. A man came up to him and said,

“Hurry up, I won’t give you any more petrol whatever you say.”

But it was no use scooping for the earth kept falling back. He tried again but failed.. Then he cried…He was sitting at the window of the engine-shed and didn’t know whether it was daybreak or evening, it just didn’t end; he was sitting not knowing the time of day, nothing was changed outside, morning didn’t come, night didn’t fall, day was beginning to break or night was beginning to fall.

—   Satantango

From “Earth Magic” -


From “Earth Magic” -

Aleksandra Waliszewska 
Pisces : by jessica ward graphite on paper

Jasmine: Anxiety, nightmares and a nervous breakdown, there’s only so many traumas a person can withstand until they take to the streets and start screaming.

“According to Plato (Sophist 266c), dream images are comparable with shadows, “when dark patches interrupt the light,” leading us to see a kind of “reflection,” “the reverse of the ordinary direct view.” This useful analogy presents dreams as dark spots, the lacunae or ab-senses of the dayworld, where the dayworld reverses itself or converts its sense to metaphorical significance. This is not merely the dayworld repeated in a thinner silhouette of two dimensions. Like any visual shadow, these images shade in life, giving it depth and twi-light, duplicity, metaphor. The scene in a dream (the root of the word scene is akin to skia, “shadow”) is a metaphorical version of that scene and those players of yesterday who have now deepened and entered my soul”

—   (The Dream and the Underworld, page 54).